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  Born and raised in Mozambique, I have lived and worked in Lesotho, Zimbabwe and South Africa for the past three decades.

My professional background combines experience in

► volunteering
► community-based development
► project management
► graphic design and desktop publishing
► editing, production and dissemination of information, publications and educational materials
► capacity building and practical training in the development and design of information and communication materials
► regional cooperation in environmental communication and documentation

  Through consultancy assignments and past positions held in the private, non-governmental and intergovernmental sectors I have been involved in a wide variety of productions, including

► books and technical reports
► newsletters
► source books and illustrated resources for environmental and health education practitioners
► administrative and training manuals
► policy, strategy and programme documents
► documentation and presentations for international conferences
► conference proceedings and workshop reports
► brochures, annual reports and product catalogues
► banners, posters, pamphlets and fliers
► an independent weekly newspaper
► corporate identity material
► print advertisements
► websites

I have also supported institutions with practical training and technical assistance in the development of their own in-house communication and materials development capacity.