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  I specialise in whole projects that require all-round input — from concept or rough draft through to finished art and liaison with printers — but can assist with individual elements of a larger production, such as a book cover or illustration.

I engage positively with clients and assignments, with the service provided including consultation and advice on production alternatives that respond to specific needs, towards the development of cost-effective communication products. Here are the main services I offer:

► Writing and editing
Your notes, research or drafts rewritten or organised into clear and concise copy that is logical, accurate and appropriately presented for the intended audience.

► Copy editing and proofreading
Documents checked for clarity and consistency, and for grammatical, spelling and usage errors. Laid-out documents checked for remaining errors before printing.

► Indexing
Creation of detailed back-of-the-book indexes.

► Translation
English-Portuguese-English translation services.

  ► Design and layout
Publications, training resources, corporate identity material, posters, banners and other communication products professionally designed and composed.

► Illustration
Freehand and digital design of line drawings, cartoons, maps, infographics, charts, graphs and diagrams.

► Photography
Product photography, photo scanning and print-quality photo manipulation.

► Printing and publishing
Production of hyperlinked PDF publications for electronic distribution, and high-resolution PDF originals for litho or digital printing. Liaison with commercial printers as and when required.

► Web design
Development, design and maintenance of unique and original, static websites.

► Capacity building
Individual and group training in the planning, development, design and production of publications and other information and educational materials.